Edna G Olds Academy Early Years Unit

In our early years unit we provide quality learning experiences for all the children through practical and play activities, which are relevant to the children. These activities also include specialist teaching from football, tennis, yoga and swimming coaches. We observe the children from the beginning of their time in the unit to understand their interests, development and learning styles. This allows us to find out what the children ‘can do’ and what they already know.

We hope your child will be happy in our early years unit, have lots of fun, make friends and learn to do many new things. Our aim is to provide a secure foundation for all children to ensure they make excellent progress through school. We ensure that your child’s experience of school is broad, balanced and enriching whilst following their individual needs and interests. We work closely together to get to know your child so that we can support their play, development and learning. Your child will have a key person who is responsible for their well-being during their time in the unit. Though, they will work with all members of the team during their time with us.

Your child’s time in the unit will be packed full of fun activities and play both indoors and outdoors. We work hard to create a highly stimulating environment with child-accessible resources that promote learning, independence and challenge, both indoors and outdoors. Play will involve:

Children initiating their own play and activities

Adults initiating activities which are followed up independently by the children

Adult led activities

We believe that every child is unique and we aim to support them to develop a positive sense of identity and culture. We work hard to build positive relationships that respond to your child’s needs, feelings and interests. In Early Years, we believe in developing a strong partnership between the school and parents/carers. We provide rich learning opportunities through play and imaginative teaching, ensuring challenging, playful opportunities across the prime and specific areas of learning and development.

Busy Bees

Every Monday afternoon in our early years unit we host a special ‘Busy Bee’ assembly. Three children are chosen each week to be our Busy Bees. During the week the ‘Busy Bees’ are observed closely by all early years staff, and samples/ photographs of their play and activities are collected.

Practitioners meet and discuss the evidence that they have gathered during the week and plan the child’s next learning steps. ‘Busy Bee’ children’s parents are invited to attend a special assembly; where they celebrate their child’s success and are given opportunities to contribute to their child’s individual learning journeys. The children love the chance to showcase their achievements and these assemblies are always well attended.

Nursery Admissions

Children are admitted into our early years unit from the term in which they celebrate their third birthday. There is a waiting list kept, which is adhered to in birth order. If you have a young child who you wish to put on our waiting list, please visit the school office where staff will provide you with the Nursery Admission Query form to fill in. The form can also be downloaded from the website and emailed to the school office. The school will then contact you when a place becomes available.

Parents are encouraged to visit the early years unit prior to their child starting. This will enable parents and children to familiarise themselves with the unit, meet the staff and ask questions, complete admission forms, and arrange further visits for their child to spend time in the unit independently, prior to starting nursery. Parents are also invited to complete an ’All About Me’ sheet about their child, in order to enable staff to find out about the child’s likes and dislikes prior to starting nursery.

Children attend either a morning or afternoon session. Depending on numbers there may be the availability of a full-time place. However, full time places are not always guaranteed. Allocation of full time places are at the discretion of the head teacher and determined by the following factors: whether spaces are available, the age and maturity of your child.

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