Pupil testimonials

"At school my favourite thing is football and tennis. I like tennis because it is fun playing even if you're not very good. I don't know why I like football but when I play it I feel wonderful and it really makes me smile and it also cheers me up when I'm upset. I really like football because we get to do it with a professional footballer called Lee Canoville who played for Arsenal!"

“I think this is a good school because it has a lot of activities I enjoy, and children learn a lot. Teaching is good and you get a good education. In different subjects we can have fun at the same time as we learn.
I feel safe here because there isn’t a lot of falling out. I have friends and feel safe.
In English - I need to remember to use capital letters and full stops, and use more descriptions.
To improve (in maths) I need to know all my division facts.”

Y - Year 3 Girl

"This is a really good school. I really like it because the lessons are fun and the teachers are very good.
I feel safe at school because the adults help me and look after me. To improve in English I need to remember capital letters for names and to say who is speaking in stories.
If I get stuck, I think quite a bit first then ask for help and our teacher help. I think the after-school club is very good.”

S – Year 2 Boy

“I like how the school has changed to an academy because we have become more independent.
In yoga we discussed bullying and we thought about it in English lessons.
In maths I rush my working out and then sometimes get mixed up, so I need to take my time. In ‘Big Maths’ on Fridays, I try to answer all the questions. Last week I got 10 out of 10”.

R – Year 5 Girl

“I think this is a good school because on the playground no-one gets bullied. I like the work we experience, especially swimming and Yoga.”

D – Year 6 Boy

I think Edna G Olds is a great place to be and it’s fun. I enjoy the ‘Big Write’ sessions and writing funny stories. I feel really safe in school because everyone looks after you. We don’t have any bullying.”

A - Year 5 Girl

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