Edna G Olds strives to forge strong partnership links between pupils, parents/carers, governors and staff.

We know success thrives in a setting that actively promotes excellent working conditions. Therefore, we aim to ensure that everyone feels happy, safe, supported and valued here at Edna G Olds Academy.

We believe that parents and carers are fundamental to the learning process. By adopting the following strategies, parents can truly influence their child’s future educational success.

Please make every effort to support our commitment to provide the best quality education for your child. We would like parents to:

  • ensure that your child(ren) attends school on time and regularly and does not miss the valuable learning opportunities on offer each day;
  • support your child(ren) in reading at home and encourage them to complete their homework;
  • discuss your child’s progress with their class teacher at parents’ evenings and support them to achieve their individual targets or personalised learning support programme.

In addition, we always welcome support from parents for school activities such as: listening to individual children read; participating in educational visits; and organising fund-raising events such as our school fairs